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Why should I go solar?

  • Are there financial benefits of solar energy?
  • Solar energy systems can save you money on your electricity bills and protect yourself against surging electricity rates moving forward. The amount of credit depends on the electric rates and utility policies in your area, but going solar is always a great investment regardless of the area you live in.

  • Do you offer financing?
  • Yes, Mack Solar and Roofing has multiple finance partners that will ensure you get the best deal for your project. A member of our team will offer you different finance options that will be approved with no hard credit check. Once approved, the finance company will transfer the funds to you (the homeowner) where you won’t pay until you are completely satisfied with your work. Whether that be a solar panel installation or a roof replacement.

  • How does Net Metering work?
  • Net Metering is a network that power companies use to credit solar energy owners for the electricity generated by their solar panels. Using Net Metering results in you only paying for the electricity that you use that your solar panels couldn't provide. Worth noting, New Jersey offers TRECS (Transition Renewable Energy Certificates). This platform allows you, the home or business owner, to obtain payments from electric utility companies in NJ for excess electric generated.

Solar Energy Net Metering
  • Are there benefits of solar energy for the planet?
  • Solar panels reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which are the leading contributor to climate change. Also results in fewer air pollutants like sulfur dioxide, particulate matter and other pollutants which can cause health problems.

  • Does going solar impact the value of my property?
  • Statistics have reported that homes or business properties with solar panel systems sell for higher. Keep in mind that your property value will only increase if you own out right, verses leasing your solar panel system.

Solar Panel Metering System

How does solar panel systems work for my property?

  • What are solar photovoltaic panels, and how do they work?
  • Solar panels absorb solar rays and convert it into direct current electricity. Most homes and businesses run on alternating current electricity, whereas direct current electricity is then passed through an inverter to convert it to usable alternating current electricity.

  • What happens when it is cloudy?
  • Solar panels can still generate power even if it is cloudy. The only time panels can't generate power is at night. Solar is always a smart investment, even if you live in an area that is frequently cloudy.

  • Can solar panels still work if covered in snow or leafs?
  • No, they rely on sunshine getting through to the panels. If snow becomes severe enough, in rare cases it may cause damage. The good news is typically panels are tilted so snow and debris can glide off.

  • Will I still be able to get electricity if at times when my solar panels are not generating power?
  • Absolutely, your system will never be off the grid. This allows you to draw power the grid when your system is not generating enough and send power back when you produce more than you need. It is possible to go off the grid with a solar energy system but typically this in not recommended due to cost-effectiveness.

  • Are electric bills still due if I have solar panels?
  • If your system includes battery storage and you are totally off the electric grid, you will still receive a bill from your electric provider. But you can significantly reduce your bill or even owe nothing with a solar panel system that matches your energy consumption.

  • What happens during a power outage?
  • More times than not, your panels will be producing more than enough electricity. If weather is not cooperating, your home will simply convert to your utility electric. On the other hand, during an outage, the same applies. Or, you have the option to add a battery to your solar system. This battery will store extra electric produced for long power outages.

  • Will I need to repair or replace my roof?
  • Your roof will be inspected prior to receiving your estimate. We will perform any repairs required. We recommend roofs older than 10 years get replaced before installing the solar system. But this can vary.

  • Is it expensive to maintain solar panels?
  • Solar panels are constructed with durable tempered glass and require little to no maintenance. The majority of solar panel systems don't need to be cleaned frequently.

Mack - Enphase Gold Installer

Are solar panels right for me?

  • Is installing a new solar panel system expensive?
  • If you can afford to pay your utility bill, you can afford to go solar. Mack Solar Services offers a 10-year Workmanship warranty and a 20-year panel warranty on all installations. We also offer multiple financing options.

  • How many solar panels do I need?
  • The number of panels and the size of the solar energy system you will need will depend on key factors such as your monthly energy consumption, property type & seasonal conditions. Our team can give you a free recommendation on what size you need.

  • What about selling my home?
  • If you own your solar panel system, your home will sell at a higher value. Studies have revealed that solar panel systems consistently increase the value of your home and property.
    Now, if you lease your solar panel system, you will need to either buy out your lease before you put your home on the market or work with your leasing company to transfer the lease agreement to the new homeowners.

  • Will I need to replace my roof before installing a solar panel system?
  • Solar energy systems can last for up to 35 years, so it can be costly to remove and reinstall them if you need to replace your roof. If your roof needs repairs or needs to be replaced in the near future, you should do so before having a new solar panel installation done.

  • How long will solar panels work & generate power?
  • Average lifespan is up to 25 to 35 years. Mack Solar Services offers a 10 year Workmanship warranty and a 20 year solar panel warranty. We also offer multiple financing options too.

Roofing Questions

  • How do I know if I need a new roof?
  • If your roof is leaking, has missing shingles, or you notice cracking or curling; it may be time to replace your roof. Roofs will usually last 20 years, if you are approaching that marker a roof replacement may be necessary.

    A roof replacement may also be necessary if you are buying or selling your home. According to better homes, 40 percent of your home’s curb appeal is due to your roof condition. A new roof replacement can add value to your home and add peace of mind.

  • How long does it take to replace my roof?
  • MACK Solar and Roofing averages between 1 and 2 days to complete your roof. This includes replacing any damaged decking, installing ice and water barriers, properly installing roof venting and shingles, and removing waste.

  • Do I Need a Full Roof Replacement or Just Repairs?
  • Roofs with small leaks can be identified quickly and might need only a simple repair, but more widespread damage usually requires a roof replacement to fix the problem.

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